Baba Sheikh and his brotherhood

Sheikh Inu
3 min readMar 11, 2023


There were two brothers who lived in desert Arabia. Kassim and Ali Baba were their names. They lived with their father but soon one day the father of both the boys died. After the death of their father, the brothers fought more often.

“It’s not your home anymore,” Kassim, the oldest brother, stated after fighting with his brother.

“Leave and don’t return.” Ali Baba had gone out of his residence. He climbed the mountain and discovered forty thieves.

“Yallah to the treasury!” they shouted in front of the large rock. The big rock parted with the magical chant, and all forty robbers rushed within.

What a sight,” Ali Baba exclaimed.

“Yallah to the treasury!” Ali Baba exclaimed when the thieves had all fled. Ali Baba entered through the door on the rock. The cave was brimming with valuables.

Ali Baba said, “Amazing!” He returned home with some of the goodies and slowly, he grew wealthy. As he started living a happy life he recruited a maid, who would help Ali in his household chores. The maid was a clever, brave and beautiful young woman.

Kassim, Ali Baba’s sibling, found out about it shortly after. He was envious of Ali. “Where did you obtain all these things?” Kassim asked Ali Baba when he paid him a visit.

Ali did not answer at first. Kassim persisted in his inquiries. Finally, Ali Baba revealed the remote location to Kassim. Kassim was impatient.

“Yallah to the treasury!” he yelled as he dashed to the cave. The gate started opening. He was ecstatic, and he crammed all of the treasures into his sack.

When he was ready to leave, however, he discovered the door had been shut. He sobbed as he struggled to recall the magical phrases.

He tried over and over again. However, it was a complete failure.

The thieves reappeared soon after, and Kassim was brutally murdered by the enraged robbers.

Soon Ali Baba had learnt about his brother’s death. He went to the cave and took the body of his brother and buried him in a beautiful spot.

After realising the body of the man missing, the robbers were even more enraged than earlier.

“Someone was here, and he stole the man,” they stated. Let’s go to town and look for him.” They quickly realised it was Ali Baba.

Finally, one of the robbers caught a glimpse of Ali Baba. He scribbled something on Ali Baba’s door.

Ali Baba’s maid, on the other hand, noticed it. She left the identical mark on all of the town’s doors.

The thieves arrived the next day to take Ali Baba. They couldn’t discover Ali Baba’s residence because all the doors had identical markings.

Finally, the robbers discovered Ali Baba’s home and entered. They took refuge in large jars.

However, the maid saw them and told Ali Baba about them. Ali Baba hearing this dressed as a true Sheikh with the most luxurious bisht and bought the sharpest most expensive sword from the blacksmith, and he returned home.

He then discovered the jar where the chief of the thieves was hiding and slaughtered him, seeing this all the thieves came out of the jars they were hiding and were astonished by Ali Baba. They all bowed to Sheikh Ali Baba and became his servants, thus making Ali Baba their chieftain-Sheikh.

They formed a strong brotherhood with Baba Sheikh Ali on top and became the strongest brotherhood of Sheikhs in all of Arabia and ruled the whole desert Arabia, while continuing their journey for more desert treasures.